Projector Mount

My wife and I really enjoy watching TV together. It’s one of the things that we do to spend time together. While we love watching TV, we aren’t the biggest fan of our couch that we need to sit on to watch TV, it is not very deep and we are both tall people so it just isn’t comfortable. Due to this, I figured that I could use some of my design and mechanical engineering abilities and create a 3D printed projector stand to set up in our bedroom.

When I first started designing the projector stand, I took measurements of the projector and noted the air vents, plugins for power and the HDMI cable, and controls. Once I did that, I then started to create drawings for myself so for the 3D model. Those drawings are shown below.

After I made the 3D model of it, I took it to BYU’s prototyping lab to have them 3D print it, that print is shown below.

The print turned out well, as it holds the projector quite nicely. One thing that I realized was that I need to update the vertical bars seen on the top of the mount. Those were seen to be strong enough to hold the projector, but beefing them up will give us better peace of mind that it will not fall while we are sleeping. Another issue that we ran into was that the mount would have to be located much further down our wall than we had initially hoped it would be due to the design. I am currently in the process of working on updating this design so that it: 1. Doesn’t use as much 3D print material, 2. Has thicker support bars, and 3. Can allow for the projector to be angled downwards so that it doesn’t need to sit so low on the wall for my wife and me to be able to see the entire screen. Those changes and that process will be shown in a later post.