Vice President of BYU Engineering Design Club

Back in the spring of 2018, I heard of the BYU Engineering Design Club for the first time. My friend had gotten into the presidency of the club, but that was the last that I heard of it. Due to a busy school and work schedule, I wasn’t able to attend until late in 2019.

When I first attended the club, there was a speaker who had come to talk about their portfolio. I was pretty nervous going in as I didn’t know anyone in the club. That was my one interaction with the club before I myself got into the club presidency in the summer of 2020.

I joined the club presidency as the club vice president and helped contribute ideas to how the club could grow and meet the needs of the students that came. The presidency that held over from the previous year felt that for the club to grow a complete overhaul of how the club was run was necessary. They wanted to take the club from more of a “come and listen to people talk” type of club, they wanted to make it more hands-on.

To make the club more hands-on, I met multiple times with the presidency that summer as we hashed out the way that the presidency would be run with this new ideology. We created two groups, one for those that did not know anything about design, and one for those who did. To help those that did not know anything about design, we created a curriculum so that we could not only teach but also allow the club members to have hands-on experience implementing the things that they learned.

Throughout the next two semesters, from August to April, I was the one that was in charge of teaching this second team, which we called the “JV Team”. I taught design principles and worked with the JV Team as we worked to design a chair that would help out college students. We created surveys so that we could learn the needs of the market, we made designs and learned to sketch so that we could better showcase our ideas, and lastly, we started to prototype. These things helped many who had never learned about how to design before.

While I was vice-president, I attended bi-weekly presidency meetings as well as taught and interacted with the JV team on a weekly basis. The club also grew in number from 5 people attending regularly to 10 people attending regularly.