Shoe Tread Analysis

For my final FEA report, I was to run an analysis on something of my choosing. Due to my desire for wanting to go into the shoe industry and run FEA studies to make shoes better, I felt that this was a perfect time to get my feet wet doing just that.

For this analysis, I looked at four different tread patterns and sought to learn which would deflect the least, which in my mind, meant that the shoe provided more grip when a basketball player was moving around on the court.

The report can either be viewed in the viewer below, or the link below the viewer can be clicked and you can download a copy of the report.

Through this attempt, I felt like I learned a lot. Initially, I thought that modeling the shoe tread and the forces that are present on them would be easy, however, that assumption was wrong. Determining how much force and how the force was applied turned out to be more difficult than I initially expected. Also, during the analysis, I tried to simplify the treads down so that I didn’t need to model as many. While this was effective in saving time, I am concerned that it has therefore invalidated the analysis. Further research and talking with industry professionals would be required to better understand if my analysis is valid or not.