Shoemakers Academy Coursework

In an ongoing effort to continue to learn about the shoe-making and designing process, I have enrolled in a number of courses offered through Shoemakers Academy. Upon completion of the specific courses, a certificate is provided to indicate completion. Below are the certificates and some highlights of things that I have learned through that specific course:

Shoe Making for Brand Builders and Designers

This was a great course for beginners. It gave the basics to know what goes into designing a shoe.

How to Calculate Footwear Costs

Having never designed a pair of shoes, seeing the expenses that go into a shoe was very eye-opening. Everything from the creation of the shoe by a foreign manufacturer, to shipping, to storing in a warehouse was all covered.

Footwear Fitting and Comfort

This was a great course that went over exactly what is encapsulated in the name. The fact that lasts for each shoe size is needed and that it isn’t just a simple scaling of dimensions was something that I wasn’t expecting.

Calculating Footwear Specifications

This was a course that I think brought me much more into the inner workings of working in footwear. Learning not only what the engineering drawing equivalent is in footwear, but also how to make a good one is something that will help me no matter where I end up working.

I look forward to continuing this education through Shoemakers Academy to continue to make myself more of a competitive candidate when applying for shoe-related jobs.